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Audi Servicing

Here at SMS Guildford we have undertaken extensive Audi servicing - on all petrol and diesel Audi models from the earliest A3 models to the latest TT or Q7 models.


We have all the diagnostic equipment for all models and whether you require an MOT, servicing or repair work - we have experience in working all Audi models

Case Study

Clutch replacement on the popular TT models can be an expensive exercise if you are not dealing with a garage with experience of this job. This is due to the fact that the cars run dual mass flywheels and the packaging under the bonnet is tight making access difficult. We have a lot of experince of Audi TT clutch replacements - and can do the job cost effectively - call us for a quote.

Maintain your Audi factory warranty

Since block exemption legislation was introduced in 2003, you don't have to visit an approved Audi service garage to protect your warranty.
SMS Guildford's Audi servicing activity meets or exceeds recommended Audi service schedules.
This means your Audi warranty remains valid and you get a stamp in your Audi service book.