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BMW Servicing

Here at SMS Guildford we service all BMW models from the classic 2002's, e30's up to the latest 4 series. We service all petrol and diesel BMW models including the M series models as well as the popular BMW Mini range.


We have all the diagnostic equipment for all models and whether you require an MOT, servicing or repair work - we have experience in working all BMW models

Case Study

BMW make some remarkably tough engines which we get to see with high mileages. Sometimes customers with the best intentions undertake "maintenance" which is not always beneficial to the car. A case in point is when a gentleman mis-read the warning lights on the dashboard of his 530d and poured water into the oil filler cap! Needless to say the car was not running properly when it came to us - but after extensive flushing we managed to expell all the water from the oil galleries and after about 6 flushes and subsequent re-filling the engine with the correct grade of engine oil - the engine ran fine! We would not recommend the lubricating qualities of water in an engine's lubrication system - but this was surely testament to a very tough engine built by the Munich Manufacturer!.

Maintain BMW factory warranty

Since block exemption legislation was introduced in 2003, you don't have to visit an approved BMW service garage to protect your warranty. SMS Guildford's BMW servicing activity meets or exceeds recommended BMW service schedules. This means your BMW warranty remains valid and you get a stamp in your BMW service book.