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Classic Car Servicing

Although Surrey Motoring Services focuses on providing the best value modern car servicing in Guildford - we also service Classic Cars for customers in the Surrey area.


From the Fiat 500 to various Ferraris - a Lincoln Continental used extensively in the film Legends, to old Rolls Royces and Bentley's. The boss has had a few classics himself including Porsche, Alfa Romeo, amongst others.

Case Study

Recently we made a Fiat 500 imported from Italy into UK road legal specification - which involved numerous lighting and other changes - and crucially 40 hours welding on the floorpan alone to meet the requisite standard for an MOT.
We have staff here who know what a pushrod or a distributor is - they were not brought up on plugging laptops into ECU ports - they actually have practical mechanical experience going back 40 years - so you can be rest assured that it is unlikely that servicing your cherished classic will present too many problems!