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3d Four Wheel Alignment

Is your car pulling to one side?
Are your tyres not wearing in a uniform manner?


If the above is correct - or you have not checked your vehicles tracking for some time it may be time to book a 3D wheel alignment service with SMS Guildford.
Your wheels maybe incorrectly aligned and correct alignment is important as it reduces friction on the road helping to optimise your vehicles fuel consumption and tyre life.
Additionally incorrect wheel alignment may cause your car to "pull" to one side and adversely impact the handling and safety of your vehicle. Your car's wheel tracking can easily be altered by hitting some potholes or kerbs - so an annual check makes sense if you want to ensure your car's steering and suspension is correctly aligned and ensuring your tyres do not wear prematurely or unevenly.
Our 3d wheel alignment service for all types of cars and vans includes:
  • The most precise wheel alignment for your vehicle
  • Alignment adjusted to the manufacturers original specification
  • Far higher degree of accuracy than conventional methods
  • You will see the alignment reading on the screen in reception
  • Good alignment will show as a green area in the green zone on the screen
  • The SMS wheel tracking computer records the readings each time you have your wheels aligned
Wheel Alignment


Wheel Alignment

Front - £30+VAT

Front & Rear - £40+VAT