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Car and Van Diagnostic services

Vehicle diagnostic servicing is often the true test of the expertise and experience of a garage - those intermittent fault codes maybe inconsequential or a sign of a major problem

You do not have to go to a main dealer to investigate why a warning light has appeared on your dashboard - SMS Guildford have all the latest diagnostic software and fault code readers for thousands of vehicle models to quickly check what is wrong with your car or van - and equally determine if the fault is real or just a simple sensor that has gone faulty.
Our staff have been working on cars way before the current advent of sophisticated electronic engine control units - so actually have real knowledge of the workings of mechanical and electronic systems - so we are not just reliant on fault readouts and diagnostic tools if the problems are more than skin deep.
Due to the volume and diversity of cars and vans that we service each year - literally thousands! - we have a reservoir of knowledge and experience which is unlikely to be matched by a franchised "Fast Fit" garage where staff training is limited to plugging in a diagnostic tool and reading an output from a screen! We use diagnostic tools to supplement actual knowledge of vehicle fault finding - so if you want the job done properly - come to the most experienced automotive technicians in the Guildford and surrounding Surrey area.

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