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Garage Services

Air Conditioning

SMS Guildford can re-gas, service and repair any vehicle air-conditioning system.

Most modern cars have a form of climate control or air-conditioning to ensure that a comfortable uniform temperature can be maintained throughout the year.

A common misconception is that air-conditioning only really offers benefit to the driver in the summer months to maintain cool temperatures - but it is worth noting that air conditioning also dehumidifies the cabin, allowing misted windows to be cleared rapidly. Therefore, air conditioning has considerable safety advantages, especially during winter months.

If you do not maintain your A/C system or should it not be used for long periods, it can either develop leaks or its compressor can dry out or seize. In fact every year over 10% of a typical car's air conditioning gas is lost from the system each year. Regular maintenance checking gas levels and ensuring there is no leakage in the system is imperative to ensure that when you get into your car on a cold winter's morning - it defogs rapidly.

It is also worth noting that old and contaminated cabin filters can release unpleasant odours and bacteria into the cockpit. They should be replaced once every two years at a minimum.

Here at SMS Guildford we offer re-charging services from £50 and our experienced team can fault find any problems in any air conditioning system.

Contact us today to ensure your Air Conditioning system will be effective on those winter mornings and provide you and your passengers with a clean healthy car interior environment.

It is also worth noting that old and contaminated cabin filters can release unpleasant odours and bacteria into the cockpit. They should be replaced once every two years at a minimum.

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Wheel Alignment

Is your car pulling to one side?
Are your tyres not wearing in a uniform manner?

If the above is correct - or you have not checked your vehicles tracking for some time it may be time to book a 3D wheel alignment service with SMS Guildford.

Your wheels maybe incorrectly aligned and correct alignment is important as it reduces friction on the road helping to optimise your vehicles fuel consumption and tyre life.

Additionally incorrect wheel alignment may cause your car to "pull" to one side and adversely impact the handling and safety of your vehicle. Your car's wheel tracking can easily be altered by hitting some potholes or kerbs - so an annual check makes sense if you want to ensure your car's steering and suspension is correctly aligned and ensuring your tyres do not wear prematurely or unevenly.

Our 3d wheel alignment service for all types of cars and vans includes:

  • The most precise wheel alignment for your vehicle
  • Alignment adjusted to the manufacturers original specification
  • Far higher degree of accuracy than conventional methods
  • You will see the alignment reading on the screen in reception
  • Good alignment will show as a green area in the green zone on the screen
  • The SMS wheel tracking computer records the readings each time you have your wheels aligned
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We hold in stock or can obtain on the same day for most cars, vans and light commercials - OEM specification batteries.

Modern vehicles are becoming increasingly sophisticated and reliant on complex electronic systems which places increasing demands on your battery.

Satellite navigation systems, in-car entertainement systems, modern lighting technology, driver aids and stop-start technology are all potential drains on your vehicle's battery if your charging system or battery itself is not in good health.

Don't wait until your battery gives up the ghost - probably on a cold winter's night or morning! - Come down to our workshop's for a free check on the health of your battery and charging system - and if there are any problems - we can supply and fit a new battery to keep you on the road over the winter - when you need the your battery most.

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Brake System Servicing

The efficiency of your braking system in your car or light commercial vehicle is of paramount importance to ensure your safety when driving.

The braking system is the most important active safety component in a vehicle and represents a significant cause of MOT failures when a vehicle is tested.

Don't wait until your brakes become defective and possibly lead to an accident - check your brakes regularly and prevent problems before they occur.

You can now book your appointment online for a free brakes check service . We will advise you on the condition of your vehicle's brakes.

The examination will take approximately 10 - 15 minutes and will include the digital measurement of wear on break pads, shoes, brake discs and drums against the manufacturer's specifications.

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Suspension & Steering

The steering and suspension systems of a car are not only important for safety reasons but also to enhance the comfort of your car's ride. The two systems are directly related to each other, which is why they are often referred to together.

As Guildford's busiest independent MOT testing station - we see all manner of MOT failures directly attributable to steering and suspension faults - often attributable to poor maintenance or simply components which have reached the end of the their service life and require replacement.

Defective suspension and steering systems can compromise your control of your vehicle and your safety. We offer a full diagnostic test using the latest measuring devices including our Wheel Alignment equipment to ensure your suspension and steering systems are in correct working order.

SMS Guildford's vehicle technicians have extensive experience and can optimise your vehicle suspension and steering to ensure that your vehicle is not only operating safely but enhance the handling, ride and steering of your vehicle to enhance your driving pleasure.

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Car and Van Diagnostics

Vehicle diagnostic servicing is often the true test of the expertise and experience of a garage - those intermittent fault codes maybe inconsequential or a sign of a major problem.

You do not have to go to a main dealer to investigate why a warning light has appeared on your dashboard - SMS Guildford have all the latest diagnostic software and fault code readers for thousands of vehicle models to quickly check what is wrong with your car or van - and equally determine if the fault is real or just a simple sensor that has gone faulty.

Our staff have been working on cars way before the current advent of sophisticated electronic engine control units - so actually have real knowledge of the workings of mechanical and electronic systems - so we are not just reliant on fault readouts and diagnostic tools if the problems are more than skin deep.

Due to the volume and diversity of cars and vans that we service each year - literally thousands! - we have a reservoir of knowledge and experience which is unlikely to be matched by a franchised "Fast Fit" garage where staff training is limited to plugging in a diagnostic tool and reading an output from a screen! We use diagnostic tools to supplement actual knowledge of vehicle fault finding - so if you want the job done properly - come to the most experienced automotive technicians in the Guildford and surrounding Surrey area.

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Our valeting team clean a thousands of vehicles per year!

Whether you need a quick efficient spruce up of your car exterior and interior - or require a major detailing - SMS Guildford can help.

We have a dedicated valeting team with all the best products and equipment to ensure that we can return your car, van, mobile home - or any vehicle to as new.

We offer a range of valeting packages from a quick but thorough valet of the inside and outside of your vehicle to a comprehensive detailing service to prepare your car or van to showroom condition.

If you book a major service on your car or van at SMS Guildford we provide a complimentary valet as part of our service.

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Choose & Buy your Tyres from SMS Guildford – Team Protyre

We stock a wide range of tyres for cars, vans and 4x4s to suit your driving needs and budget. We offer exclusive online tyre pricing and appointments are available 6-days-a-week - 120,000 tyres in stock from over 20 brands at any one time, including:

Contact us now to get the best deal on the market for fully fitted Branded Tyres of any performance category with comparison options for Budget, Mid-range and Premium Tyres. Use the TYRE SEARCH opposite to find the right tyres for your car - Simply choose your existing tyre specifications or fill in your car registration to find the right tyres for your vehicle.

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